A Bit Rusty

After being out of school for 32 years, I have made the decision to go back to college and get an associates degree in Business and Office Technology. Today I checked my typing speed and I just don’t think my current typing speed will be fast enough to avoid  having to take Introduction to keyboarding unless I really improve. The good news is I have a couple weeks to work on it before I start the admissions process. So might think I am insane for waiting so long to do this but, I say better late than never. 🙂 I will be blogging about my adventures as a college student. 🙂

Til Next Time


Reflecting on past success

Losing weight is so hard, especially for me! I try, have some success then slip up followed by giving up and gaining back what I lost and then some by slipping back into old bad habits. Recently I was thinking about a 50+ lb. loss I had back in the late ’80s, grated I was almost 30 years younger, my metabolism was better etc. but, with the effort and dedication, I feel I can do it again. I really have to stop having this defeatist attitude I give into. I really don’t want to get so far gone that I look down and my belly is hanging down to my knees or that I can no longer see my feet! I just can’t allow myself to reach that point.

When I had that weight loss success, it wasn’t with a replacement shake, prepackaged meals etc. I lost the weight by portion control, making healthy choices and most importantly being very physically active. I know it is a bit harder now since I am older, am right in the middle of menopause & have a slower metabolism. Does that mean achieving another 50 lb. loss is impossible? I think not! It will just require a little more work and dedication.

I can do this and I am worth the effort it takes to achieve it!!

Til next time

A Time of Renewal

As spring begins, it is a time of renewal with things coming back to life outside with trees greening up flowers blooming as well as the return of the Purple Martins & Ruby Throat-ed Hummingbird to my yard.  I am experiencing much personal and spiritual renewal as well. A calmness & peace that I  didn’t have previously, has come over me. I feel I am on the path that God Almighty meant for me to be on.

Til Next Time,

New Beginnings

I have started over so many times but I am hoping this is my final restart. I have been eating healthy and exercising regularly just not tracking. I think tracking will help greatly. I have noticed when I track and blog, it helps with accountibility. I am currently within 14 lbs of my heaviest weight and I don’t want to get any closer to it  than I am right now. I will be blogging regularly. 

 Stay tuned